Personal Training

                                            The “Secret Formula”                                           

Expert Coaching + Personalization + Accountability = FAST RESULTS

 Truth is, there is no secret.  There’s no gimmick – no “body shrinking seaweed wrap” or pre-packaged meal plans, over-priced TV dinner, no magic contraptions, crazy diets, or any of the other wacky stuff you see advertised on the late night infomercials.

What we do is based 100% on REAL SCIENCE. The same science your doctor recommends: proper exercise and supportive nutrition.

We’re certified fitness experts who understand how to motivate and guide our clients to peak performance. We create a program that addresses your specific needs, based on you personally. There’s nothing cookie-cutter about what we do.  We’ll provide you with a  custom built personal training program then support you every step of the way.

Everyone’s busy and has 101 things they have to accomplish, so it’s far too easy to put your health and fitness on the back burner when you’re going it alone. But when you have an expert who holds you accountable, motivates, inspires and gently nudges you along the way, that’s when REAL RESULTS come fast and furious.

So, give us a test drive and see for yourself. Remember, there’s no cost, no obligation and certainly never any pressure. We want to introduce you to the only solution that works – every time – and because we’re so confident our program works, we want to do it free of charge.

Here’s What To Do Now 

Give us a call right now (even if it’s midnight) at (571) 258-8585. We look forward to meeting you and giving you a fitness jumpstart completely free of charge.

At the Core of Lifelong Health

CORE Motivation’s one to one and small group personal training programs in the
DC Metro Area are designed to target specific challenges due to either medical conditions or life challenges, such as:

We will meet with you in the comfort of your own home, or in our training facility in Vienna, VA or at your office–either one to one with our trainer, or in small group. Our goal is help you stay motivated so you can achieve a healthy you, regardless of anything you feel is currently holding you back from the lean, fit and healthier you!

Hear what our clients have to say about CORE Motivation.

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I’ve been working with CORE Motivation Fitness for 3 years and it’s helped me maintain my confidence, energy and performance at work and in my personal life. I’d recommend Core Motivation Fitness to anyone who wants to be mentally strong AND physically fit.
Jim F. 56

Learn how this 47 year old lost 6% body fat and 20lbs.

Heidi had a bad back, arthritis and carpal tunnel. She lost 6% of her body fat in the first 6 weeks and lost a total of 20 lbs (and has kept it off!). Best part, she had her glass of red wine with dinner every night and still does!
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