Up to 70% of your overall results come down to nutrition and fueling your body.

Step 1 – Choose Your Plan

Lose weight, cleanse and tone muscle more effectively with our eating plans.

Your goal will dictate which type of program you follow.  Losing weight,

cleansing and toning muscle have their own guidelines to ensure your success.


Step Two – 3 – Day Food Log

I like having a 3 day snap shot of what I’m doing each day that needs to change.

One of the reasons I like it is it immediately makes you more conscious of your moment by moment decisions.

I find it easier on our clients to make simple changes to what they are already

doing rather than do a complete overhaul of everything because it’s highly likely

there are some healthy choices they are already making that they enjoy and will

want to keep.


Step Three – Try a Cleanse

Our bodies seem to be bombarded by toxic overload from stress, the foods

we eat, the air we breathe, cleaning chemicals and the bodies natural toxin

creating system that comes from creating energy for your body.  Whether

they come from something positive like exercise or destructive like second

hand smoke, this toxic overload isn’t good for the 3 primary filters of the

body which are the liver, colon and small intestine.  When these 3 become

overloaded, the body can try to neutralize the potential damaging results

by neutralizing the toxins & trapping them in water and fat causing the body

to go into a state of water and fat retention.


How does it work?

The goal of cleansing is to give these 3 filters a break and free them up to do

the work they are intended to do.  Cleaning up your eating without focussing

on freeing up these toxin removing systems is kind of like changing the oil in

your  car without changing the oil filter.


I’ve watched our clients get amazing results from one week of cleansing by

following our simple cleansing regimen of eating and using our cleansing

system of vitamins, herbs and probiotics to populate the body with healthy

bacteria while purging it of excess junk.


The liver is the primary fat burner of the body.  Freeing it up helps you

burn more fat.  Clearing excess toxins also frees up the surface area of your

small intestine for maximum absorption of vital nutrients that keeps the

immune system strong, your metabolism up and the body nourished which

is beneficial for weight loss, muscle gain and optimal health.


What type of results can I expect to see?

Like anything, results vary from person to person.  My experience has been

the more weight you have to lose and the more out of shape you are, the more

you will probably lose.  Listen to the Success Stories.  The first three women

listed there did the 7 day cleanse.


The biggest and in my opinion most powerful result is breaking any carb

addictions you may have.  This alone will help you see measurable results

the first week and after.  It typically only takes 3 days to break the cravings.

Once you introduce them to your eating again, you’ll notice you are satisfied

with far less starchy, sugary carbs and don’t feel like you’re eating them out

of control which is one of the main habits that leads to weight gain.


Get your mind right!

Contrary to popular belief and what seems logical, restricting your calories

as much as possible and exercising like a maniac won’t lead to automatic

weight loss.  Too little food for the amount of activity you do and your RMR,

Resting Metabolic Rate which is how many calories you burn on a non –

exercising day, can put your body in starvation mode.  This response can

cause the body to hoard fat, burn carbs and protein leaving you hungry,

tired and frustrated with your program.


Another misconception is that carbs are bad but carbs are a necessary fuel

of the body.  Without them you can’t think straight, your energy is terrible

and exercise is almost impossible.  Carbs convert to the primary fuel for

muscle contraction, glycogen.  Think about a marathon runner flailing

across the finish line and collapsing at the end.  What happened?  They

“hit the wall”, also known as glycogen depletion.  If you don’t have the

energy to do a good workout and recover then it’s almost as bad as not

working out at all.


It’s important to understand not all carbs are created equal.  We have

“good carbs” and “bad carbs”.  Good carbs are high fiber grain sources,

vegetables and fruits while Bad carbs are sodas, sweets and starchy

foods that burn off very quickly after we eat them.  They spike blood sugar

levels and cause the body to store and gain fat.  They don’t have to be

eliminated from your eating plan but limited and eaten at strategic times.

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Hongzhi H. 47

Learn how this 47 year old lost 6% body fat and 20lbs.

Heidi had a bad back, arthritis and carpal tunnel. She lost 6% of her body fat in the first 6 weeks and lost a total of 20 lbs (and has kept it off!). Best part, she had her glass of red wine with dinner every night and still does!
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