Fight! High Cholesterol

Strengthen Your Heat and Decrease Body Fat to Counteract

Our bodies produce most of the cholesterol in our system. The rest comes from the food we eat. There are 2 basic types we should be concerned with, HDL or the good cholesterol, and LDL’s, know as the bad cholesterol.

Though we have limited control over the amount we produce, we are completely in control of how much we eat and how much bad cholesterol our body carries out of our system?!

Our training program helps lower triglycerides and LDL’s as much as 15% and increase HDL’s which are great at pulling the LDL’s out of our system as much as 6%!

The more good cholesterol we have, the better.

This program will strengthen your heart and decrease body fat to help counteract or reverse unhealthy levels of overall cholesterol.

What you experience in life is not as important as how you experience it. Exercise enhances your life experience.
Damien Woodson

Learn how this 47 year old lost 6% body fat and 20lbs.

Heidi had a bad back, arthritis and carpal tunnel. She lost 6% of her body fat in the first 6 weeks and lost a total of 20 lbs (and has kept it off!). Best part, she had her glass of red wine with dinner every night and still does!
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