Fight! Back Pain

You’re in bed or moving around with limited mobility. I can almost assure you that the core is not functioning right. When the core is off, so are you!

Did you know 80% of all adults will experience low back pain and that 80% of the incidences are due to muscular tightness, weakness and or imbalances. Proper muscular alignment and balance work wonders for de-conditioned backs that are losing it.

The back is only one part of the core. Are they properly conditioned to function in balance with the abdominals, hips and glutes? Are they working right themselves? Probably not. Exercise is a simple fix.

Procrastination and doing nothing can lead to loss of mobility and keep you where you are now if you don’t end up needing surgery.

Our Low Back Program will:

  • Expose weak tight muscles & compromised joints
  • Focus on creating proper balance and coordination that promotes a healthy back.
  • Strengthen the low back and the core muscles it needs  to work with to properly function right

A little discipline and exercise is a lot more cost effective in time and money than missing work for surgery or rehab.

I’ve been working with CMF and Damien for 8 months. I work 12 hrs a day selling furniture. I can move furniture around a lot easier and stay energized for my customers. I have a renewed sense of overall well-being and energy.
Patti D. 61

Learn how this 47 year old lost 6% body fat and 20lbs.

Heidi had a bad back, arthritis and carpal tunnel. She lost 6% of her body fat in the first 6 weeks and lost a total of 20 lbs (and has kept it off!). Best part, she had her glass of red wine with dinner every night and still does!
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