Anti-Aging Program

I checked out an article on Web MD to see the most common health challenges that emerge with age.

Sharon Brangman, MD, AGSF, spokeswoman for the American Geriatrics Society, tells WebMD, “The more you do in middle age to prepare yourself for successful aging, the better.

Here are the top 8:

  • Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis and Falls
  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)
  • Vision and Hearing Loss
  • Teeth
  • Mental Health:  Memory and Emotional Well-Being

One of the primary solutions that came up again and again as a huge combatant to these issues was EXERCISE!

Most sicknesses and diseases are age related.  Everything from de-conditioned, stiff inflamed joints disguised as arthritis to high blood pressure can be improved by making simple changes.  What do you need to do to minimize the rate you age?  How should you eat, drink, sleep, stretch AND move?

With aging, connective tissue, which is made up primarily of collagen fibers, forms cross-links in areas that have restricted motion. Age is often associated with a sedentary lifestyle. The older and less active an individual is, the more rapidly muscles and joints tighten up. If the joints are not extended through various ranges, collagen cross-links are laid down in the tissues, restricting movement potential and making the body feel stiff and less flexible. Range of motion is also affected by core temperature; when the body is warm it is easier and safer to stretch because the tissues are more extensible (Wirth,Van Luten,Mistry, Saliba, & McCue, 1998).

Our well-rounded training program sets you up for successful living by helping you:

  • Reduce & Maintain your Weight
  • Reduce bone and joint stiffness
  • Increasing Bone Density
  • Strengthen your Immune System
  • Condition your heart and clear blood vessels
  • Keep the Mind Sharp and managing your emotions

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CORE Motivation Fitness helped increase my strength & energy. I sleep better at night which makes me more productive at work because I can concentrate much better. CMF has changed my life.
Hongzhi H. 47

Learn how this 47 year old lost 6% body fat and 20lbs.

Heidi had a bad back, arthritis and carpal tunnel. She lost 6% of her body fat in the first 6 weeks and lost a total of 20 lbs (and has kept it off!). Best part, she had her glass of red wine with dinner every night and still does!
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